About My Accoutrements

I have a lot of stuff.

The stuff I have varies, but the type I tend to share with others (on the internet at least) tends to be primarily images, pdf documents and various text documents. A lot of this stuff in somewhat related as many of my interests and the interests of those I share with are related. However, as each time I share tends to be unique and there is no true order to when or with whom I share anything, I tend to lose track of what I’ve shared, with whom and why. This had led to several items I’ve intended for use by others to suddenly vanish when I delete something something, or finding several things I dare not delete in case I’m sharing it with someone.

With any luck, this website will ease that, at least somewhat, and allow me to keep track of what I’ve posted online and where and allow me to figure out whether or not it is okay to delete something which may be out of date or no longer is use.

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