Return to SWTOR

At the beginning of October I once again subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s been some years since I’ve played the game at all, and even longer since I last has a subscription, but I needed a change of pace from fantasy (LOTRO & WOW) and superheroes (CoH). With the resub comes a slight learning curve as I try to remember how to play my characters, how all the mechanics have changed, and what all the new events are. As it stands, here’s a list of my current characters.

Most are at or near the current level cap of 80, though I’ve only started the most recent content with one (Vembra) and I’m thinking of leveling up a few entirely new characters to play all the way from Shadow of Revan to Ruhnuk. I’m a bit lost with the story as most of my characters played through the Zakuul portion of KotFE and no further.

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