The New (and improved?) Dust Raven!

Since Homecoming brought back my favorite MMO, it’s been fun inventing new characters as well as re-imagining old ones. My main from the old days was Dust Raven, and here she (yes she) is in all her new outfits.

Character Description

Li Yang was working as a cashier at Yin’s Market in Overbrook when her powers manifested. Her powers were somehow linked to Rularuu the Ravager, which made the Mr. Yin fearful of her and they insisted she find work elsewhere.

Despite Mr. Yin’s disapproval, Li continued her friendship with his daughter, Penny, and through her came to know Jim, Fusionette, Delilah and others who were working to restore the neighborhood now called Faultline. When Mr. Yin was kidnapped by the Lost, Li didn’t hesitate and stepped up to help. Upon rescue, Mr. Yin came to accept Li and her power, calling her the Dust Raven in honor of her good work.

And now her story continues…

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