Dust Raven (Primal)

Dust Raven is my main character on the Justice server. He’s a Magic origin Illusion Control/Kinetics Controller, and one of my favorite characters to play. He is also my namesake character, having the same name as my global handle. I have a version of Dust Raven on every server, though I only play him on a few servers (Justice mainly, sometimes Triumph and Victory), but presented here are picks of the Justice server version.

UPDATE 9/22/2010: This is the full gallery, although some of the images are no longer accurate, as Dust Raven was rerolled as a Fire Blast/Dark Miasma Corrupter. Thanks to Going Rogue he is back to hero side, but is not longer a member of Star Patrol, but instead the leader and founder of a group called Nobody’s Side. The “official” history has him growing up in Paragon City and given into the custody of Star Patrol while still a minor. He worked with Star Patrol for a few years and was granted full membership upon reaching adulthood. Not satisfied with his position there, he turned villain, using his powers how he pleased and started to rise up the ranks of the “destined ones” of the Rogue Isles. He learned some hard lessons in the Isles, which taught him more maturity then he displays, and eventually lead him back to Paragon City as a true hero, though at this time he’s leaning slightly on the vigilante side of the scale.

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